August 17, 2016

ElleboxCo August Review

Quality: 4/5

Value: 3/5

Shipping/Delivery: 2/5

Website Accessibility: 3/5

Appearance: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy August everyone! I have been waiting very impatiently to share my August subscriptions with you all, and I have finally received my first one! As you may know, I tried Ellebox last month (you can read my review here), and after price matching, I found that it was not worth the money. It may be great for someone who is looking for convenience, as it is supposed to arrive at the same time every month, but I would rather just go to the store.

ElleboxCo is a monthly subscription box made for women, and their period needs. It includes all of the essential products needed to get you through your monthly cycle, and some extra comfort items to keep you happy.

This box is $12 a month + shipping, and is supposed to arrive before your cycle starts. You can check out their website here.

The contents of this box were:

13 Tampons
12 Pads
3 Liners
3 Personal Wipes

I did not feel as if I wanted to purchase this box again, but sadly, I was billed for the second box before even receiving the first one! 
Also, as I mentioned before, they advertise that the box will arrive before your cycle starts. Last month, it was perfectly on time, but this month I started my cycle on Sunday but did not receive my box until Tuesday (3 days late). I was very unimpressed with the timing, as well as the fact that I did not have a choice in ordering this box a second time. For this kind of box, it is essential that it be delivered on time. Having it come in late caused me to spend extra money on tampons and such, that I really shouldn’t have had to do. 

Ellebox was a great idea, but this company clearly has some things that they need to work on and improve. 
For more information on this product, and my price matching exercise, Check out my July Review here. Hopefully this will help you decide if the box is right for you. 
Personally,. I do not think that this box is worth the hassle or the cost, and I will not be purchasing it again.
Click here to view their website and learn more about the packages they offer.