August 10, 2016


Make Your Period Happy

This box is made for your time of the month and contains all of your period must haves. The box arrives about 5 days before your period each month, so you have everything you need, when you need it.
I think that this is an awesome idea, but I know that some people will think, “Why don’t I just go to the store and buy this like I normally would?” Well, I am about to show you which option is more practical for a woman on a budget.
My ElleBox contained:
13 tampons (Kotex brand)
12 Pads (Kotex Brand)
Chocolate Bar
3 Liners
3 Personal Wipes (Equate Brand)
TOTAL: $17 (shipping included)
I decided to compare this total price with the price it would be at Walmart for the same items.
13 tampons (Kotex Brand): $4.03
12 Pads (Kotex Brand): $4.32
Chocolate Bar: $1.68
3 Liners $0.30
3 Personal Wipes (Equate Brand): $0.45
Tea: $0.10 per packet
TOTAL: $11.08
As you can see, it is much cheaper to go to the store and buy these items, rather than order them online. I do believe that this box is an awesome idea though, because you have just the right amount of products to last you the week, and it comes right to your door.
If the price was cheaper, I would definitely continue purchasing ElleBox, but this does not seem practical for me personally.