August 10, 2016

FabFitFun Spring Box

I just received my spring box from FabFitFun! I was very impressed with the large amount of products that it contained. As I continue to try out these products, I will be giving daily reviews on each one!

So, today I received my box in the mail and I was extremely excited about my first one. The contents of this box are:

1. Herb Garden by MakersKit: Perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to garden but may not know how. Personally, this was the most exciting part of the box for me. I love gardening, and there is nothing better than adding fresh herbs to your meals. YUM
2. Contour Kit by ISH: Well, I must admit that I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to makeup. I was really excited about the contour kit, since I had never tried doing contour before. But the problem was, I had no idea how to use it. LUCKILY, FabFitFun and ISH have come together to create tutorials on YouTube for different occasions (day look, night look) and they are super easy to follow! I had a lot of fun attempting to use this makeup for the first time, and it actually looked nice (check out my Instagram to see my results). Another thing I really hate about makeup is that sometimes it can feel heavy, chalky, or caked on. This is not a problem with the ISH contour palate. It felt like I didn’t even have makeup on at all. I would definitely suggest this brand!
3. Bath Bomb Trinity by Jus D’Amour: These are the first bath bombs that I have ever tried, and wow, I am impressed. It is definitely something I would buy again. The scents are are subtle and relaxing; perfect for a hot bath after work. 
4. Keratin Gloves and Socks by Bodipure: When I first opened this product I was very unsure about it. The process was very long and somewhat impractical. I did not think that I would like the results, but I was surprised! My hands and feet now feel wonderful and soft. Although the process is not something I enjoy, I loved the results. I would definitely recommend using this treatment.
5. Tag Necklace by Jook and Nona: Such a beautiful and simple design! I absolutely adore my ‘dream’ necklace. It works well with a variety of different outfits, for many occasions. I haven’t taken it off all week!
6. Shaving Emulation Lotion by Hello Legs: One word. AMAZING. This is my favorite product of the box and I will definitely be ordering more! I highly recommend this. I am not one for using shaving cream, as it seems like a waste of money, and I have very sensitive skin. This product completely changed my mind. Not only is it a shaving cream, but also a moisturizer. My legs have never been so soft in my entire life. 
7. Argan and Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakesh: As soon as I opened this bottle I knew I would love it. The smell was just AMAZING. Seriously. Amazing. I have used many different Oil Therapies for my hair, and some of them leave my hair looking beautiful and soft, but some really do not work well (you do not want that oily hair look, lol). When I tried this brand I was amazed by how soft my hair was and how beautifully shiny it was. And if that doesn’t make you want to buy it, just smell it. YUM.
8. Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew: Definitely cute and practical! I already have a yoga bag, but sometimes it can be a pain to carry around a big bag when you go workout. So, this is a great alternative. It weighs basically nothing, and its small. The best part is that it can double up as a workout tool! You can use it to help keep a pose in yoga, or stretch out your legs. Anything you want! It’s so great!
9. $25 gift card by 31 Bits
10. $30 gift card by Sterling Forever
I also ordered three add-ons for my box:

1. Wine Stopper Set: This set is super cute and comes with different colored charms to attach to your wine glass. This is perfect for a girls night where you keep forgetting where you put your glass. All you have to do is remember which color of charm you had and you won’t misplace it or accidentally switch glasses with friends. 

2. Wireless Speaker: The speaker connects through Bluetooth, and it clips on to anything you would like. When I first turned on the speaker I was pretty startled by the voice that told me “speaker on” as it is very loud, but as soon as I connected to my phone the music sounded wonderful! I always get so tired of listening to music through crappy phone speakers, but wow, for such a tiny speaker, it sounds great! Also, the charge seemed to last a decent amount of time so that is always a plus!

3. Infuser Water Bottle: This bottle is absolutely adorable. It is the perfect size to bring with you to work, school, or just have during your workouts. It has enough room in it to add fruit, as well as ice to keep your yummy infused water cold. I personally cannot get enough of these bottles. They are perfect for detox, extra vitamins, and even just to add some flavor so you do not get bored of plain old water.
The contents of this box are so awesome, especially for someone as interested in new things as I am. I cannot wait until my summer box arrives!

Get your FabFitFun box here!