August 10, 2016

Ipsy July Glam Bag – Hot Summer Nights

Hey everybody! So I just received my July Glam Bag in the mail (finally) and I was so excited to show you guys all the awesome products I received this month. Take a look at my Opening video above to see what the products look like! 

In this months Glam Bag I received:


Anti Frizz Sheets by Nunzio Saviano – This was the product I was most excited for out of everything. So, naturally, it was the first product I tried. I used the sheet on my hair, as well as my shirt (static cling is my worst enemy). My hair looked wonderful at first, but after a few minutes it went back to its natural frizzy self. And let me tell you, its a pretty overwhelming amount of frizz. So sadly, I didn’t see results on my hair, but I did for my clothes! No static cling all day! Personally, I do not think that I would get this product again, but it was a cool idea. I just wish it magically made my hair frizz free like I had hoped.

Eyeliner Pencil in Jac B Bronze by The Balm Cosmetics – As you may already know, eyeliners are one of my favourite things regarding makeup. This product is a beautiful shade (as you can see in my opening video) and it is a perfect colour to make blue eyes like mine pop. I used it on my lash line (upper and lower) and paired it with some beautiful, brown shades of eye shadow. It looked gorgeous and made my eyes really pop and stand out. The liner was very easy to put on and very smooth. I loved every aspect of this product.

Hangover Replenishing Face Primer by Too Faced – This is awesome. I was actually looking for a new primer recently, so it came at the perfect time! It is a very light primer that feels like it isn’t even on your face. Also, just as it is designed to, it gives your face a wonderful glow that creates the look of a restful nights sleep. This is a product I will probably buy again in the future!

Contour Eyeshadow Brush by Vasanti Cosmetics – One word. Perfect. This product is amazing quality and also very light and soft against your skin. It is perfect for helping me blend my eye shadows together for a perfect look. I absolutely love this and I hope I get more of these brushes in the next bag!

Powelash Black Mascara by ModelCO – LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have never been one to buy name brand mascaras that you can’t just buy at Walmart, but after trying this I don’t know if I will go back. I have always had problems with clumpy mascara and this one is perfect. It outlines every individual lash perfectly with out clumps and your lashes don’t stick together at all. The only thing I would suggest is that the shade be darker, as I like a really defined look to my lashes.


This months bag was so great, I am already so excited for the August bag. At this point, I think that this is my favourite subscription I have.

Get your glam bag here!